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SE is a contract manufacturer offering competitive pricing, quality workmanship and on-time delivery. We have more than 1o years experience in the industrial and we are ready to serve your needs.

We offer a variety of services and have the flexibility to customize to your production application-regardless of volume, single order or repetitive.

We will work with you on each contract in a quality, timely and professional manner.

Is “SE” Pleasure and Pride to Be Able to Service Support You.

We’re SE, a flexibility company located in the heart of Bukit Minyak Area. We pride ourselves on developing unique and professional assembly solutions with a wide variety of mediums.

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Junior Electrical /Mechanical Technician

Project Leader

Senior Mechanical Technician

Assembly Electrical Technician

Senior Electrical Technician

Assembly Mechanical Engineer

Why do companies Outsource

The Reasons .........................
Reduce and control operating cost
Gain access to world class capabilities
A function is time – consuming to manage or it out of control
Share risk with a partner company
Improve host company focus
Free internal resource for other purposes
Insufficient resource are available internally
Easier to manage sub-con rather than own employees
Cash flow improvement
In earlier periods, cost or headcount reduction were the most common reason to Outsourcing. In today’s world the drivers are often more strategic, and focus of carrying out core value-adding activities in-house where an Organization can be Utilize its own core competencies.